For sampling and remote sensing missions

External payload locations are ideal for sampling and remote sensing missions. A port hatch is provided for external payload exposure while in flight. Environmental controls are not provided.

For Lynx Mark I and Mark II, two cowling payloads can be carried on each flight (Payload CP and Payload CS), one on each side of the vehicle in the aft cowling, external to the pressure cabin. Payloads CP and CS each hold a double (2U) CubeSat (10 x 10 x 22 cm). Maximum mass for each payload C is 2 kg. Payloads can be provided power and have access to the external environment via a port hatch, ideal for atmospheric sampling missions.

For the US-based Lynx Mark III only, the payload location is an external dorsal-mounted pod, which holds up to 650 kg (1433 lbs) and is large enough to hold a space telescope or two stage carrier to launch multiple nanosatellites into low Earth orbit. This pod can also carry experiments that return with the vehicle.


External Payload


Price per Flight

Payload Charlie

Cowling-2U Cubesat form factor


Payload Delta

Lynx Mark III-Dorsal Pod


* Prices are exemplary for Lynx Mark I/II. Retail payload flights can be purchased through approved payload integration channel partners.  Pricing from XCOR Payload Integration Channel Partners maybe less than or greater than these listed, depending on payload integration services provided.

Detailed specifications of the payload spaces and interfaces, as well as information about engineering services and payload integration can be found in the Lynx Payload Users Guide (click on Request the Payload User Guide, above!).

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